Empowering Peak Performance

With today’s complex, mixed millennial-boomer workforce, cultivating a culture of engagement and recognition is more critical than ever. We’ve built our new technology platform, LuMe with the flexibility and capabilities to engage and recognize at every level of your organization. Our custom solutions range from single program platforms to enterprise-wide employee engagement and recognition programs. Success is measured by the metrics we establish together.

A scalable, flexible and configurable solution that addresses your key business challenges and promotes peak performance.

LuMe―A Platform for Success

  • Employ multiple programs on a single platform or adopt an enterprise-level solution.
  • Incorporate your organizational objectives and key behavioral drivers and automatically communicate, reinforce and measure them.
  • Leverage a full range of engagement and recognition tools, including badging, peer-to-peer recognition, observation recognition, e-cards and automated Anniversary and Retirement Milestones, Nominations, communications and more.
  • Facilitate job performance improvements by including a training component.
  • Deliver a fully mobile responsive solution with multi-lingual capabilities, and international, regional, and local reward options that resonate on a personal level.
  • Create an individualized user experience that ensures each employee has direct access to the tools that will engage them to move their personal performance needle.

Your program is custom designed to achieve the business objectives that we’ve defined together at the onset. There’s no mystery here. Success is measured in the numbers—specifically, fully transparent metrics. Our performance-based-pricing model means you only pay a fee to us when you get results. That’s our idea of partnership. We’re here to help you analyze, optimize and keep raising the bar.

Analyze, optimize and raise the bar

  • Analytics–Measure any and all aspects of the program in real-time and run custom reports.
  • Budgeting Tools–Manage the cost of your reward programs and track how employees are using their point budgets to recognize others in the organization.
  • Surveys / Quizzes–Incorporate these quick check-ins to gain insights into employees perspectives on the program, or as training tools to reinforce knowledge and drive behaviors.