Employee Recognition & Engagement

A strategic and effective employee recognition and engagement program can be your competitive advantage.

Cultivating a culture of success helps reduce turnover rates, connects employees, and optimizes performance at all levels. Our team of program design experts will help build a solution that can track and measure the performance your organization deems important, and can turn your employee recognition and engagement program into a competitive advantage.


Watch morale and performance improve when your employees are able to recognize each other through nominations for going above and beyond. Our intuitive Nomination tool supports the complete nomination process, including multiple levels of approval.


When employees can recognize each other for their contributions, it helps build employee morale and reinforces a culture of recognition and engagement. Recognitions that include a tangible “thank you” award or a simple intangible “pat-on-the-back” e-card can go a long way toward making employees feel welcome, inclusive, and appreciated. Our Peer-to-Peer tools support multiple options for recognizing employees, including multiple levels of approvals.

Spot Recognition

Spot recognition is a powerful and immediate reinforcement opportunity to reward the behavior that exemplifies your organization’s core values, such as providing special assistance to a customer, or going out of their way to assist another employee. By highlighting desirable behavior when it happens, that employee and those around him / her are motivated to follow suit.

Enterprise-wide Recognition

Cultivating a culture of success starts from the top down. It requires a dynamic enterprise-wide strategy that involves a commitment to ongoing communication, training and support at all levels of the organization and consistent measurement, feedback and fine-tuning.