Summit Recognition Solutions Recognized as Top Employee Engagement Software Provider


Summit Recognition Solutions has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Employee Engagement Software Providers – 2017, by CIO Applications magazine. The annual listing includes companies that provide Employee Engagement Solutions to help clients build competitive advantage and transform their businesses.

Summit introduced its proprietary software, LuME Rewards xChange, in 2017 as a way to meet the engagement and recognition challenges of today’s organizations. According to Donna Chrobak, Summit Recognition’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “By addressing the needs of our clients, including on-boarding and retention, building corporate cultures that drive engagement and performance, and delivering an innovative and relevant employee user experience, Summit has designed a Best-in-Class employee engagement and recognition solution.”

Summit Recognition Solutions helps its clients design, implement and measure solutions that facilitate effective engagement and communication within organizations—systems that track the employees’ performance, important business data, and achievement of objectives. The company’s core platforms—LuME and Rewards xChange—serve as the much needed tools among organizations, which help them to track the performance of employees and recognize them for their accomplishments, in a timely manner.

LuME is a global, mobile responsive web-based platform on which the client’s business rules are laid. It offers organizations the ability to engage and recognize the employees throughout the employee life-cycle, at every step of the way during a program. It holds the ability to employ various organizational programs and track performance of the professionals involved. Its permission-based design enables program users to view everything related to a business program and all the communication around it through the platform. It comes with various engagement and recognition tools including social recognition, badging, peer-to-peer recognition, achievement of milestones, and so on.

Rewards xChange, Summit’s state-of-the-art rewards portal, makes receiving rewards more fun and personally engaging for all of your employees. As employees earn reward points, they can convert them into currency via a virtual Visa debit card and then go shopping at their favorite online retailers in the Rewards xChange mall. When paired, LuME Rewards xChange will provide organizations with a World Class engagement and recognition tool. Read the complete article in CIO Applications magazine.

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Summit Recognition Solutions is a division of Summit Group, and has provided employee engagement and recognition solutions for more than 30 years. Summit Group also provides Branded Product and Marketing Solutions, and has been developing effective solutions to our corporate customers since 1969.