Summit Recognition Selected as 2018 Moxie Award Finalist



Once again, Summit Recognition Solutions is receiving recognition for its revolutionary Employee Engagement and Recognition software, LuME Rewards xChange. The 2018 Moxie Award recognizes organizations in the DC metro community for having demonstrated boldness and innovation as an integral part of their growth strategy. Summit, whose headquarter office is in Silver Spring, MD, just outside of Washington, DC, is one of eleven finalists chosen for the category of Business and Professional Services. Read on to learn why we were chosen as a finalist.

2018 Moxie Award Submission

Summit Recognition Solutions (SRS) is a division of Summit Group, a multi-channel branding and marketing company that helps organizations enhance their internal and external brands. As the Recognition Solutions division, SRS helps other corporations design, implement and manage Employee Engagement and Recognition solutions that drive bottom line results.

About 3 years ago, we began to see significant shifts in the marketplace in the way that organizations were addressing employee engagement and recognition. The face of the workforce is changing; millennials are now the largest demographic age group in the workforce whose average tenure at any given job is only 3.2 years. In addition, baby boomers are staying in the workforce longer and retiring at a later age.

The result is a more diverse demographic workforce than we’ve ever seen before, and each group wants a different recognition experience. We also began to see a long overdue acceptance by CEO’s that having a corporate strategy for company culture, and employee engagement and recognition can actually add value to the organization’s bottom line. Then pair these emerging trends with the changes in technology, and the way employees utilize it in both their work settings and their personal life.

We found that the solutions the industry was providing were somewhat antiquated, and needed to be updated to address the changing and emerging needs of our clients


We responded by redesigning our entire approach to our business to focus less on the awards that employees could receive in these programs, which has been the traditional model in the Recognition industry, and more on delivering performance results for our customers.

This meant changing our pricing model, our go-to-market strategy, re-branding ourselves, and updating our website and sales and marketing collateral with our new messaging.

Each of these enhanced tools was designed with driving business results for our clients in mind. We also built into the technology a robust reporting database that allows our clients to retrieve on-demand reports to measure the health and success of their engagement and recognition programs. This new platform has launched Summit Recognition to the forefront on solution providers in the Engagement and Recognition industry.

To complement LuME we also built a stand-alone rewards solution called Rewards xChange that is turning traditional employee recognition programs upside down, and has completely changed the way we bring rewards to our clients.

Gone are the days of overpriced award catalogs and high shipping costs that offer a limited selection of outdated merchandise.

Our Rewards xChange Retail Rewards Mall lets employees who receive reward points thru recognition, to convert their points to a virtual Visa debit card that can be used to redeem at their favorite retail store. There’s no longer any mark-up on the merchandise awards because you’re redeeming directly from the retailer. In fact, they can get the best price available, and can even take advantage of sale prices, free shipping, retail loyalty programs, and the latest models and trends in the marketplace. They can even attach their rewards account to a Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google wallet) and use their rewards at point of sale.

When implemented in tandem, LuME Rewards xChange is a Best-in-Class solution that is disrupting the marketplace, and providing an outstanding new solution that addresses the emerging business needs of the corporate marketplace. This is what makes us feel we are bold and innovative, and deserving of the 2018 Moxie Award.

Our Belief Statement:
We believe that by elevating workplace engagement, we can empower people to be their best, resulting in a positive impact on individual and organizational performance.