Aligning (or re-aligning) your culture and your brand

When companies talk about their brand, traditionally the discussion has been directed at the external world (their customers, distribution channel, competitors, etc.). Today, however, brand is finding a place in the internal dialogue as well, and is being directed to an organization’s employees.
The conversation usually revolves around how to engage employees to understand the company’s brand and become brand ambassadors both inside and outside of the organization. How do we get our employees to know our brand and what it stands for? How do we get our employees to engage in our brand and emanate it throughout their day-to-day workplace interactions with each other and with customers? How do we get them to live and breathe the brand, and to truly believe in it, even outside of their workday?

Culture, in its purest form, is defined as the behaviors, beliefs and characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. This definition can be applied to a corporation too. Organizational culture is one of the most talked about topics in the H.R. industry today. It’s even being talked about outside of H.R. in business publications like Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Building a strong and positive organizational culture is important to business success, and it starts at the top. Business leaders, whether they’re aware of it or not, define an organization’s culture. Having a solid mission statement and core values in place are important, but it’s the behavior of the business leaders that employees really follow.

So how do we build a culture that embraces our brand, and develops our employees into brand ambassadors? Employees want to feel like they are welcomed, valued, and a part of something larger than just the position they’re filling at a given company. Engaging employees throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, and through retirement can help get and keep them onboard with the corporate culture.

With the introduction of our new engagement and recognition technology, LuMe Rewards xChange, Summit Recognition Solutions continues to strive to become the Best Employee Engagement and Recognition provider in the world. As we do this, we too are realigning our brand with our culture to “practice what we preach”, and be able to provide Best-in-Class global Engagement & Recognition solutions for our customers.