Real Recognition / Real Incentives

With Summit Recognition Solutions you will get straight forward, honest advice, designs that are tailored to your specific needs and outcomes, and technology that flexes to the Real Solution rather than forcing you into a solution based on technology.


We develop and execute engagement & recognition strategies that move the performance needle. Recognition, sales incentives, safety, health & wellness…. Our Recognition Solutions provide tools, knowledge and expertise to drive performance and deliver measurable results.

Engage. Recognize. Motivate.

Solutions Delivery

Our team of performance improvement experts will guide you through a process of designing a solution that will meet your organization’s goals and objectives, and follow through with program management, engagement, measureable performance results, and rewards that that will motivate everyone in your organization.


We deliver our solutions via a customized recognition and engagement software platform that allows your employees and distribution channel to fully engage in all aspects of your program, and your managers and program administrators to track, measure, and report on performance.

Not for Profit

The Not-for-Profit market is rapidly changing with companies needing to address such issues as early fundraising, retention, and reducing zero-dollar contributors. Summit has introduced alternative solutions that can augment or replace the traditional “tiered” incentive approach to increasing overall fundraising performance.